What Is Your Attitude Toward a Smoker?

Hello, Brian Sloan here. Did I see cigarettes in the hands of some of you? Yep, I believe I did. Well, should I preach to you? Actually, I’m a minister. I mean I received an ordination certification and can do weddings and all types of cool stuff. Aren’t you impressed? Yeah, right. Didn’t think so. But I love doing what I do. But certainly I digress…..back to the cigarettes …Not going to preach… I’m just not going to be judgmental towards you if you’re a cigarette smoker. You know why? It’s because I have a lot of bad habits in my life to judge you for smoking.

Here’s exactly what I think. If Jesus himself was in a meeting place filled with smokers and non-smokers, He would be much more interested in a few of the under the hood and heart concerns or (secret transgressions possibly) as much as he would be with a person that has a cigarette smoking problem. So, I’m not going to bust on my friends that smoke. Sorry.

Am I standing up for smoking cigarettes? Heck no! (Remember I need to say stuff like “heck” since I’m a clergyman). I prefer that people would stop smoking- not because I think they are some big evildoer compared to me – not because it smells bad (and it does) but, because it literally eliminates wonderful individuals. We understand that. Yearly, an estimated 443,000 individuals pass away prematurely from smoking cigarettes or direct exposure to secondhand smoke. Apart from that, an additional 8.6 million people live with major illnesses induced by smoking cigarettes.

If you go into the physicians clinic with an awful heart problem or a simple ingrown toenail, what’s the first thing he’s going to point out? Uh huh. Stop smoking. So, unlike several economic or political policy debates, the manmade global warming debate, and so on, the argument over smoking cigarettes has long been decided. Smoking is bad. Reeeeally bad. So, as a minister, no – not just as a pastor, however as friend and/or family member of those who smoke, exactly how can we help to encourage our friends to give it up?

The buddies I’ve had who smoke normally had a wish to give it up, but simply could not seem to make it. However, to quit you need to do a few things. Here are some proven ideas to help.

Decide. Draw a line in the sand and do it. Period. I do not suggest abrupt withdrawal, however, decide that it WILL CERTAINLY TAKE PLACE.

Team up with an additional smoker who wishes to give up the habit. This is an excellent method to do it. You have an edge when you start with an accountability partner that is going through the exact same thing.

Get assistance from your medical professional. There are a heck of a number of great individuals (oops, one more pastor curse word) who have been successful battling the nicotine desires by using meds like Zyban or Wellbutrin, which is primarily the same thing.

If you start the journey to stop then slip up and smoke, do not beat up on yourself. Simply get back at it. If your target is to be smoke free in 2 months, and it takes you six months – bingo! Aren’t you still successful?

You can do it. Acquire assistance from good friends. Get assistance from your doctor, and you can get encouragement from individuals like me. Don’t allow smoking cigarettes to continue to damage you. You’re worth too much to us all! You’re worth too much to your maker! You can definitely do this!

Choose. Team up with a buddy if at all possible. Get help and even an appropriate drug from your Doctor. And..Get right back up if you stumble! Blessings to you!

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