Un-Hook Your Smoking Addiction

bigstock-Young-woman-with-broken-cigare-36542338Are you hooked? Trapped? Are you desperate? These words are soul wrenching! Are those that utter these soul wrenching cries being held against their will? Have they been kidnapped? No, they have made a decision to become hooked, trapped and desperate, to cigarettes.

If you are a smoker, you probably don’t use these words. You might be telling yourself, “I’d really like to quit, but I really enjoy smoking”. Or you might say, “I’ve tried to quit but it’s too hard”, or, “I’d like to quit, but I’m so addicted, I don’t think I can”.

But as a smoker, are you really at the mercy of your habit? Are you really spineless, despairing, a slave to tobacco, looking for a saviour? Trapped by an emotional and chemical fix? Would you describe your smoking addiction like that? You are not trapped by your decision to begin the smoking habit, because you have the ability to make our own decisions, you can decide to quit smoking.

A person makes a decision to begin smoking. For some smokers, that leads to the decision to smoke more cigarettes, everyday, one by one, little by little. Pretty soon, the addictive chemical nicotine begins to influence the brain’s receptors, and the smoker finds it harder and harder not to go out of his or her way to get cigarettes to smoke.

But it still comes down to an individual decision to smoke. Every time a smoker lights up, it’s a decision. It’s a personal decision, along with thousands of other decisions made, that add up to a person’s character, mood, health and future.

You decide everyday to get out of bed.

You decide everyday what, and how much, to eat.

You decide to walk the dog, wash the dishes, and do your taxes.

You don’t dwell on how you’ll miss lingering in your warm bed, or how you’ll suffer without more food, or how unpleasant it will be to walk the dog in the rain, do the dishes, tax etc.

With most decisions, you simply do what needs to be done, because the consequences of not doing it would be worse. It’s the same with smoking, or getting out of bed in the morning. It’s a matter of making the right decision, and focusing on the outcome.

You know it’s absolutely pointless to try avoid getting out of bed. The point is, getting out of bed is automatic, although for some people it takes effort to get up in the morning, but it has to be done, and it is done. Your decision is made, the day beckons, and there’s a whole lot of living to do today!

You are in charge of the decisions you make. You are not trapped; your brain and body are addicted, but you are not your brain or your body, YOU are a spirit. Although your brain and body crave nicotine, YOU are free to decide what is best for your brain and body, which is, to quit smoking.

It’s your decision!

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