Snuffing Out Cigarettes With Hypnosis

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Statistics for smokers is not very encouraging, actually costing lives every year. Even secondhand smoke is damaging, which is why more and more people are doing whatever they can to snuff out cigarettes. While there are several options to consider that work, we want to recommend you give hypnosis some thought. The success of hypnosis to stop smoking is so powerful that people are turning to working with a professional hypnotist or self-hypnosis to put the last cigarette out, for the last time.

In addition to the withdrawals of no more smoking, you have to deal with the grumpiness and irritability. Obviously, not only are you miserable, but everyone around you, co-workers in the office or family and friends at home. Another concern people have about smoking is the weight gain. Many times, people will turn to food as a means of keeping the hands and mouth busy. By using hypnosis, you can stop the habit of smoking, deal with the irritability, and avoid gaining weight.

The key is to work with a reputable hypnotist or hypnotherapist who can work with positive suggestions. That way, this individual will help your subconscious mind deal with the no smoking issue the right way. The powerful suggestions will tell our subconscious mind that you need to turn to healthy foods and then eat them in moderation. This way, your mind will begin to accept the suggestions, meaning your desire for greasy cheeseburgers and French fries begins to be replaced with a desire for lean meats, grilled chicken, salads, vegetables, and other foods good for the body. The result is you not gaining weight when you stop smoking.

Keep in mind that you have many options for hypnosis to stop smoking. Some people are more comfortable working in a group setting, which is a viable option. The only real drawbacks is that if you have a serious habit, you may benefit more from one-on-one hypnosis and many times, the group sessions do not last long enough for you to benefit. Therefore, you need to determine just how intense your addition to cigarettes is, and then choose the type of hypnosis setting that will lend the best results.

If you have tried the pill, patches, and even going it cold turkey but with failure, then you need to definitely think about using the power of hypnosis. Remember, your conscious mind has a very short-term memory, as well as motivation. For this reason, people who make New Year’s resolutions only to fail a short time later, we can understand why. On the other hand, your subconscious mind is where the long-term memory and motivation resides. The goal with hypnosis is to stimulate the subconscious mind, convincing it with the right suggestions that change is not just possible, but probable.

Hypnotherapy for example, is a powerful way to stimulate the motivation of the subconscious mind, which actually changes your normal programming. In this case, the motivation would be to snuff out cigarettes, having a great attitude during the process, and not overeating, thus gaining weight. Keep in mind that regardless of how long you have smoked or how much, hypnosis can help. Unfortunately, some people feel that because they have had the habit for so long they could never beat it. This action results in the person accepting the habit, never moving forward to make changes. The truth is that hypnosis is quite effective in helping you accomplish what you have set your mind out to do.

Even if your habit is associated with chewing tobacco, hypnosis can help. Just as with smoking, chewing tobacco comes with significant risk of cancer. The last thing you want is to one-day wake up to find a cancerous growth in your mouth. By working with a trained hypnotist or hypnotherapist, your deeper mind, or subconscious mind, will be trained to lose interest in smoking and chewing. Then to overcome the stresses that go alone with the process of stop smoking, hypnosis can teach you ways of being calm and in control.

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