Why You Should Quit Smoking


You might have started taking cigarettes due to emotional stress, peer pressure, curiosity in childhood or rebelliousness. At a certain point, you may feel that this seems to be of no importance and you might want to stop. While this may appear to be an addictive habit, quit smoking strategy is not an issue of just planning to quit but rather it involves a lot since one may experience symptoms, which might make him or her revert to it.

Taking cigarettes does not only cause lung cancer and all other related respiratory diseases but rather increase the sugar level in the blood. Researches on taking cigarettes have indicated that only 5% of smokers experience symptoms such as dizziness, stomach cramps and headaches. If you are asking yourself how you can stop taking cigarettes, below are some of the best ways to consider.

Smokers tend to have specific places where they keep their cigarettes. Here, you can keep notes that will remind or motivate you to quit smoking at all these places. This is important since wherever you move your hand, you will be able to find and go through the notes instead of picking cigarettes.

The effectiveness of hypnotherapy in stopping the smoking habit varies from one person to another. It can be influential in changing the point of view of a person and can make the process of giving up cigarettes seem to be more positive instead of negative. The impacts of this cannot be undermined since the mindset and the will power are the main pillars to successful quitting.

Maintaining a diary is very important for people who are mostly chain smokers. Most people can stop the habit even without any problem while others will find it difficult to stop. It is important to maintain a diary: for instance, if you smoke 15 cigarettes in a single day, you can write the time and appropriate reason for which you smoked that cigarette.

Seek support from relatives and friends, as support from this team will always be there to help and encourage you. In addition, they will always ensure they create a clean environment for you. For instance, they will avoid smoking when they are around you.

You can adopt a healthy lifestyle by start doing exercises and eating healthy foods since they will give you a positive energy to keep on moving and make it easy to quit smoking. It will also prevent you from adding weight, which always results when one stops the habit. It is always not easy to quit the habit but every time you relapse, do not be discouraged always keep on trying repeatedly until you achieve what you want.

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