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Cigarette smoking is one of the most addictive behaviors a human being can have; it’s a known fact that even if a smoker manages to quit completely for a few years, the tendency to return to the habit is strong. Just one drag off a friend’s cigarette, and the nicotine addiction is back again, stronger than ever. Binaural beat self hypnosis is one of the best methods to seriously help the nicotine addiction. Below is a short story of a smoker’s experience with self hypnosis, giving you some insight into what to expect your experience with hypnosis might be.

Joe was a pack a day smoker, for more than 5 years. He really needed the cigarettes to feel calm, and to think straight. Finally, the urge to quit became larger than the urge to smoke, so Joe decided to give a self hypnosis MP3 a try. Joe’s experience and success was amazing!

Joe bought a Quit Smoking MP3 from this website. Joe put the Stop Smoking MP3 onto his iPod, put on some headphones, and lay down on his bed. The first time he listened, he fell asleep. There seemed to be no effect, so he made sure he remained conscious the next time he tried the MP3.

After he learned to remain conscious, he began to have a very interesting change in mindset. Joe still wanted to smoke cigarettes, he still knew he would enjoy the feeling of the nicotine addiction, but he could not smoke! Joe would sometimes put the cigarette into his mouth, but then he would put it back in the pack. Joe found he was experiencing two minds, one of the mind of a smoker, and the other of a non-smoker, and the non-smoker mindset was stronger.

This first experience only lasted for about 4 hours. All hypnosis MP3s should be listened to at least 10 days straight, or even longer, to have a long lasting effect. You should keep that in mind when you choose to try one of our Stop Smoking MP3s.

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