Using E-Cigarettes to Quit Smoking

quit smokingMany smokers who are looking to quit their cigarette habit have begun flocking to the newest smoking cessation device on the market – the electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarettes are used in a similar way to real cigarettes, but come without the tobacco and tar and carcinogens that are prevalent in traditional tobacco cigarettes. Additionally, they do not emit a foul odor and there is no mess to clean up — there is no ignition needed, and no ash is created! Continue reading for more information on these neat new devices.

Like I wrote in the introduction paragraph, electronic cigarettes (sometimes shortened to “e-cigarettes” or “e-cigs” by e-smoking enthusiasts) work in a way very close to a real cigarette. An e-cig is made up of a battery and a cartridge that screw together. Once the e-cig is screwed together, the e-smoker inhales through a mouthpiece (located on the cartridge end of the e-cig) and pulls a flow of vapor into their lungs. This vapor is created by the user’s inhalation, which triggers the e-cig battery to create an emission of vapor from the cartridge. This vapor is inhaled and exhaled just like you would with a traditional cigarette.

This replication of the act of smoking a real cigarette is one of the reasons why e-cigarettes have become a popular choice among those who are looking to quit smoking. It brings back the muscle memory of putting the cig to your mouth, taking a big inhale, holding it in your lungs and letting out an exhale. You don’t get that action with a nicotine gum or nicotine patches, and it’s this familiarity that creates the attraction to e-cigs. Another benefit of e-cigs is that there is no foul odor created, nor is there second hand smoke, meaning you can smoke e-cigarettes anywhere, including establishments such as bars and restaurants (where smoking cigarettes is now prohibited).

E-cigarette cartridges are filled with a solution of nicotine, water, some flavoring and very few other additives. There is no tobacco in them nor tar or the multitude of carcinogens that you find in regular cigarettes. Cartridges come in tobacco flavors, with many brands offering their own tobacco formulations that mimic the taste of popular cigarette brands like Marlboro, Camel, Parliament, Reds or Menthol. There are also assorted flavor varieties available, such as chocolate, vanilla, mint and just about any kind of fruit flavor you could think of.

As written previously, these devices are run by a small battery. It is very easy to recharge an e-cigarette battery and most e-cigarette kits come with many ways to charge. The most common piece is a small adapter that your battery screws into and then charged by using the USB port of your computer. You can also use an adapter that lets you plug into a wall outlet. More comprehensive kits have even more accessories such as a car charging unit and also a wallet-sized personal charging case so you always have a fresh battery nearby.

When it comes to quitting your smoking habit, it’s easy to see why e-cigs have become the newest trend and it is likely that they are here to stay. Most e-cig sales are done online, but they have gained more retail presence lately are tobacco shops and convenience stores. Next time you get that urge to smoke, reach for an e-cig. I myself am a former smoker before being turned on to e-cigs over two years ago, and I haven’t picked up a pack of cigarettes since. If I can do it, surely you can, too!

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