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Quit Smoking With Hypnosis

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Famous American author Mark Twain once said, “To quit smoking is one of the easiest things in the world, I must have done it over a dozen times.” So many individuals who smoke struggle to quit time and time again. It is believed that the nicotine that is found in cigarettes is one of the most addictive drugs that exists today. Nicotine is addictive both physically and psychologically. A study once estimated that each time an individual lights up a cigarette that individual is shortening their life by seven minutes.

Live longer, feel better and become healthier by quitting smoking. Every smoker has the power to wake up one morning and say, “No, I am not going to do this anymore.” Make this that day. Stop the vicious cycle that is cigarettes. Numerous smokers, who have smoked for decades, admit that they want to quit. Quitting smoking is a lifestyle change, a new way of thinking and a chance to end a bad habit. Over twelve hundred men, women and children die each day from cigarettes. You may be asking yourself what is the best way to quit.

Hypnosis has helped thousands of people to quit smoking. Start down a healthier and happier path through the suggestive power of hypnosis. Hypnosis is a form of therapy that works at a subconscious level by giving suggestions directly to the subconscious mind. Positive suggestions that revolve around the benefits of quitting smoking will work at a subconscious level. These suggestions create new, habits, values and beliefs which will assist a client in making healthy decisions. Quit smoking successfully through hypnosis.

Some of the positive suggestions for quitting smoking include confidence building statements and motivational encouragement. Plus the soon-to-be nonsmoker will be given instructions on how to create a healthier lifestyle. This is a golden opportunity that allows an individual to experience a better life. An individual is set up for success through hypnotic visualizations that allow the individual to visualize themselves as a nonsmoker. The individual can literally “feel” how great it is to not be dragged down by cigarettes. Cigarettes are a crutch that disable a person from walking alone. Throw this unhealthy crutch away as you sprint towards a terrific lifestyle that is healthier and more enjoyable.

There are numerous additional benefits to using hypnosis in order to quit smoking. Hypnosis is known to calm the whole body, the nerves and the mind. Hypnosis alleviates an individual’s stress and anxiety. Hypnotic suggestions are designed to give a client confidence and support in each area of life. There are so many unexpected benefits to hypnosis. Quit smoking, feel better about yourself and embrace a new of living.

Hypnosis can enable a person to quit smoking for good. This is an amazing process that has life-saving results. As a practicing hypnotherapist, I have assisted many clients in quitting smoking for life. If you have tried to quit smoking in the past but have failed and sincerely wish to achieve your goals, I recommend you find a qualified hypnotherapist who is conveniently located near you. With the help of a hypnotherapist your goals to quit smoking can be accomplished.

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Insights Into Stop Smoking Hypnosis Therapy

hintergrund-tapete-1458050917a9CStop Smoking Hypnosis Therapy

Stop smoking hypnosis treatment is one of the oldest stop smoking methods obtainable. People have been using stop smoking hypnosis therapy as a stop smoking aid since the 1980?s and there are numerous individuals who swear by its effectiveness. Still, there is much contention regarding its use in the regulated world, as most scientists demand that its positive effects are mostly reported by the therapists themselves. Nevertheless, it is truthful that it is effective for assorted people, and it is a justifiable stop smoking aid to try, specially if you have tried all of the other stop smoking methods within reach.

All things considered…

Stop smoking hypnosis treatment involves the patient participating in a string of sessions during which the hypnotherapist guides the patient be means of a series of relaxation exercises, leading him or her into a extensive state of consciousness. During this period of deep relaxation, the patient is in a highly suggestible condition. The therapist uses this state to form suggestions regarding quitting smoking. The procedure may involve echoing phrases or reading statements that have been prepared for the session. These suggestions become a part of the patient’s psyche, making him or her less liable to smoke during the day.

As a general rule…

Various stop smoking hypnosis therapists use relaxation rather than suggestion to assist patients stop smoking. They claim that the act of relaxation during the sessions allows the patient to better make do with the stresses of quitting smoking. Because many individuals turn to cigarettes when they experience pressure or irritability, this claim may in truth be true. However, there is still much controversy surrounding hypnosis stop smoking methods. Research has shown that hypnosis stop smoking support does seem to retain people from smoking for a restricted amount of time. Nevertheless, the staying power of the therapy is not as powerful as other stop smoking aids.

As it has been noted…

Numerous people recommend that stop smoking hypnosis therapy be used in conjunction with other stop smoking methods such as nicotine replacement stop smoking products like the patch or nicotine gum. That way, whatever is learned in the hypnosis session can be reinforced during the day. For people who would rather use natural stop smoking products, the patient can use herbal products to help keep his or her frame of mind elevated and to help remove cravings and stress.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step…

No matter how you feel about stop smoking hypnosis in principle, the only way to discover out whether or not it works is to try it yourself. If you have tried all of your other options and none of them have worked, hypnosis therapy might be the answer for you. However, you ought be informed that hypnosis itself does not work on various people. In fact, studies show that fifteen to twenty-five percent of the worlds population cannot be hypnotized at all.

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Self Hypnosis And Subliminal Messages


When a person is continuously and quickly shown a subliminal message hidden behind a picture, even after the image is gone, our subconscious maintains an after image of the message and subconscious then acts in a similar way as the subliminal message in the picture suggests. Some also believes that subliminal messages in pictures can also have a positive effect for example it can also help to achieve a goal i.e. if you repeatedly look at a at your goal hidden as a subliminal message in a visual your subconscious will let go of self-beliefs and replace it with your goal.

These days subliminal messages are very much popular in music industry. Subliminal messages in music have been given a name of ‘Backward Messages’ or more commonly ‘Backward Masking’. It is very easy to record backward messages on existing sounds or subliminal messages in music with the help of the computer on simply a click of mouse. An interesting thing about subliminal messages in music is that they can easily be disguised with other natural or unnatural form of sounds such as blowing wind, traffic noise, rain falling or even water crashing. Since subliminal messages in music have been discovered many controversial examples can be found.

Subliminal messages are commonly used in pictures. Subliminal messages hidden in pictures are part normally used as part of advertising campaigns with sellers believing that subliminal messages hidden in pictures with increase their product sell.The popcorn sale during a movie in a theater is probably the most well known of all of the subliminal messages that have been hidden in pictures. In 1950, a market researcher named James Vicary used subliminal messages in pictures by flashing images ‘eat popcorn’ and ‘drink coke’ quickly on the screen. He claimed that the percentage sale of popcorn was increased by about 17% and that Coke sales went up by 63%.

Subliminal message in music are mostly popular amongst rock and electronic bands. There are many thousands of albums containing subliminal messages. Some bands do this through hidden means while some of them do it openly. Pitcher Shifter, known for incorporating technology in their music, has been openly making use of subliminal messages in their music for years. In their album Infotainment released in 1996 they included two tracks and went as far as to include a warning message at the start of its first track that a subliminal message is about to be played.

On the other hand, the band Judas Priest was taken to court for using subliminal messages in their songs which believed to have urged the listeners to commit suicide. The case was discharged and they were never proven to have used these techniques.Josie and the pussycats, a movie released in year 2001, It focuses on the concept of subliminal messages in music and effects on teen minds when constantly listened to subliminal music but also assures viewer that the spell can be broken and one can return to a normal life. Subliminal messages in videos have been proven to affect sales of condiments at the movie theatres, and in 2006 Derren Brown, and English illusionist, did an experiment which showed how subliminal messages could cause such dramatic effects as to cause 65% of people who had watched a movie to have completely forgotten the plot.

Subliminal messages in music do not necessarily need to be all bad. If one was to listen to a subliminal message in music designed to help them lose weight, studies indicate that they would, more than likely, be able to lose weight dramatically. Utilizing subliminal messages in music has not been studied long enough to determine their effectiveness, but should they prove to be effective, they can shave years off of your own personal change, whether you want more confidence, to lose weight, or to quit smoking.

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