Can I Use Electronic Cigarettes to Quit Smoking?

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Quitting smoking is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. And for many smokers who resolve to quit smoking, it all too often ends up on their list of resolutions the next year, and the next year, and so on. Let’s face it – quitting smoking is not an easy thing to do.

There are many methods to help you quit smoking such as nicotine gum, nicotine patches, going cold turkey, and even hypnosis. While all of these methods have their merits, there’s no 100% fool-proof way to quit smoking, and many smokers find themselves back to their old habits. However, many smokers are now starting to use electronic cigarettes to help them quit smoking and are reporting great success with it.

The reasons why electronic cigarettes have had a good success rate, in contrast to the other methods mentioned above, are plentiful. For starters, the thing that smokers miss the most about their old pack of cigarettes is the act of smoking. You don’t get that muscle memory with nicotine patches or gum, but with electronic cigarettes you get the familiar feeling of putting the cigarette to your mouth, taking an inhalation and filling up your lungs, and letting out a big exhale.

E-cigarettes look and act in a very similar fashion to traditional cigarettes. They are made up of two pieces, a battery and cartridge, that screw together. You put the fully-assembled e-cig to your mouth and inhale through it much like you do with a regular cigarette. You get that same muscle memory of a traditional cigarette, bringing a familiarity to former smokers that provides comfort.

Another reason why smokers are turning to electronic cigarettes to help them quit smoking is because of the varied levels of nicotine available in e-cig cartridges. Cartridges are available in a range of nicotine content – you can use high nicotine cartridges, medium nicotine content, low nicotine content and even cartridges with zero nicotine. The advantage of this is you can use the cartridges to gradually wean yourself off of a nicotine habit. If you are a longtime smoker you can start with cartridges with high nicotine content. After a period of time, you can step down to a medium content cartridge, until eventually you are comfortable to step down to low nicotine cartridges and ultimately no nicotine at all. This gradual stepping down of nicotine intake is certainly much easier on the smoker than if they were to quit cold turkey, which can be a nightmare for a heavy smoker.

If you have had a hard time with quitting smoking by going cold turkey, using nicotine patches or gum, there is still a light at the end of the tunnel. Give electronic cigarettes a try. You still get your nicotine dose and that familiar act of smoking, without any of the mess as well as the harmful tobacco and carcinogens found in traditional cigarettes. If they worked for me, a former longtime smoker myself, they are certainly worth a try yourself.

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