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binaural beats quit smokingBreathe easy! You can have the freedom and energy to do all the things you want to do, to enjoy a longer life, a happier life, a healthier life, a smoke free life, with stop smoking hypnotherapy. Did you know, it’s possible you could live an extra month longer per year if you stop smoking? Just lay back, close your eyes, and relax…. a smoke free, happier, healthier, longer life can be as easy as that!

binaural beats quit smoking“I purchased this with the book “The Easy Way to Stop Smoking.” I had years ago cut down the tar and nicotine by buying lighter cigarettes. So I knew that it was the habit I didn’t want to let go of. I know that the book and CD worked for me. (See my other review.) I didn’t know hyponsis would work for me. But after two times of using this cd, I would “fall asleep” and wake up when the speaker would say, “You can take off your earphones and continue sleeping or wake up and feel energized”. Each time I used it, I was so relaxed and felt really good. I can only think that it helped me along with the book to make my quitting an easy experience.” 5 stars binaural beats quit smokingSee this review on Amazon!

Protect non-smokersSecond hand smoke effects the health of your children, your spouse and even your pets. Second hand smoke facts: second hand smoke effects children with asthma, and second hand smoke exposure can lead to cancer. Stop smoking hypnosis and subliminal suggestions are the easy, inexpensive, and drug free way to improve both the quality of your own life, and protect your spouse and children from second hand smoke risks. A cleaner, smoke free environment can benefit everyone in your home; don’t you owe it to your family to stop smoking, with safe, easy self hypnosis?

Binaural Beats = Highly Effective Stop Smoking Hypnosis.
What are binaural beats, and why do our stop smoking programs use them?

binaural beats quit smokingBinaural beats are a brain wave entrainment technique that can have very powerful effects; binaural beats can not only bring you down to a deep, and highly effective hypnotic state, binaural beats can also help to correct the brainwave imbalances that contribute to addictions.

It has been found that people with nicotine addiction have low Alpha activity within their brains; this means they have trouble relaxing, and turning off their thoughts. Thus, they develop a nicotine addiction. Also, those with low SMR (sensory motor response) levels have a tendency to self medicate. Binaural beats can help to rebalance the brainwaves to a more normal, non-addictive state.

binaural beats quit smokingSimply put on a pair of headphones, close your eyes, lay back and relax. Binaural beat soundwaves use the left and right earphones to aid in balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and to increase both Alpha and SMR brainwave activity to help reduce your nicotine addiction, and help you to easily stop smoking with our highly effective subliminal and self hypnosis stop smoking CDs and MP3s.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis is Real, and It Works!

protect your family second hand smokeThrough a combination of alpha and SMR brain waves states, deep relaxation, and “suggestibility”, our unique stop smoking hypnosis and subliminal programs can help you to easily access your subconscious mind, and change the “inner scripts” that dictate you behavior- including the behaviors that contribute to your nicotine addiction. If you have not been successful in previous attempts to stop smoking, hypnosis can help to change that, much more easily than you “think”! Let me explain it this way; hypnosis takes you below the level of thought, to a state of “knowing”. It is in this place where miracles can happen. You can experience a “Quantum shift” in consciousness, one that will leave you feeling and thinking as if you have always thought and felt this way….. thinking and feeling like a non smoker.

A clean, healthy, smoke free lifestyle can be yours, now! Breathe easy! Binaural beat, stop smoking hypnosis can free you of nicotine addiction, and free your family from second hand smoke permanently, for far less than a carton of cigarettes. This simple, one time purchase could spell freedom from nicotine addiction that will last a lifetime! Do it now!

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